OCTOBER 31st 2023
Happy Halloween!! 
"I DO"​​​​​​​
"ToriCat Davis" Becomes "TORI STEEL"
Wedding Photos by the INCREDIBLE Assassynation!!
check out her work here:
Dress made by the Fantastic Couture Company
SEPTEMBER 6th 2023
One of the latest LEGO projects Tori has recently been working on, making kids' DreamZzz a reality has been revealed!!
It’s been a privilege and an honour to draw the 2D character designs, based on children’s imaginative concepts !!
You can see the 2D character designs in the video below that Tori drew for the kids. They were  printed as huge cut out stands to greet the competition winners at the LEGO HQ in Billund, Denmark.
Huge thanks to Christian Bering Damm for getting Tori on board to help out with such a cool project!! It’s been AWESOME!

Gamescom August 23rd, 2023. 
Tori can finally announce she is working with Revolution on both
 'Broken Sword, Shadow of the Templars- REFORGED', 
and the much anticipated 
'Broken Sword 6- Parzival's Stone'.
Tori's Backgrounds for both Games can be seen in the latest teaser trailer, + in game  Stills below. 
See how Tori has worked into the Original backgrounds to remaster them here:
Remastered background Art by Tori for 
'Broken Sword, Shadow of the Templars- REFORGED'.
Poster Artwork by Tori. "Broken Sword, Shadow of the Templars- REFORGED" 
Watch interview with Director Charles Cecil here:
In February 2023, Tori went to Kolkata, India where she taught LEGO animation workshops for Children living on the street and slums at "Future Hope".​​​​​​​
With the ultimate gratitude to The LEGO Foundation, and James J Norwood and David Pallash Tori was able to deliver over 50kg of LEGO to young people from the streets and slums at Future Hope.
Before Tori arrived, these young people had never seen LEGO before. They had never put two bricks together and didn’t know what it was. They had never animated or used a tablet.
BY the end of Tori's first day at Future Hope, the young people were already becoming master builders- and by the end of the 3rd day, they were animating the incredible creations, stories and characters they had built.

Tori's first illustrated book, "My Mommy The Octopus", written by Wendy and Nonnie Gerber was released February 7th 2023.
"A love letter to moms everywhere and a reminder that you’re enough, even if you don’t have eight arms." —Kristen Bell, actress, parent, producer, and coauthor of the #1 New York Times bestsellerThe World Needs More Purple People

"Adorable and resonant for any busy mom." —Jodi Picoult, #1 New York Times bestselling author
Published by Sky Horse Publishing. 
order the book here
Tori has recently completed a mural design for 
the Bristol Royal hospital for Children's Carousel Ward. 
3 individual carousel horses for children to interact with 
during their stay on the ward.
(Photos coming soon!)
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